If you think you are a responsible and outgoing driver, dispatcher or shotgun, we encourage you to apply! Please read through our volunteer expectations and application process and then fill out our online application form below. If you have any questions regarding volunteering, feel free to contact us.


  • Be a McGill student
  • Able to attend a mandatory training session.
  • Commitment of five shifts with minimum one dispatcher shift per semester. Many of our volunteers choose to shift more often.
  • Drivers should be 18 or over and have a full drivers license and a clean driving record
  • Shotguns should be 17 or over


  • Driver
    • Responsible for picking up and dropping off the car from our rental company.
    • In charge of driving students home safely while following all driving laws.
    • Must refill the gas tank before returning the car.
  • Shotgun
    • In charge of picking up supplies the week before the shift.
    • Responsible for giving directions, taking care of passengers, communicating with the dispatcher, and creating a fun environment in the DriveSafe car.
  • Dispatcher
    • Responsible for taking calls as they come in and dispatching them to different cars.
    • In charge of coaching volunteers through different situations that arise during the shift.
    • Note: dispatching can be done from the comfort of your own home!


  • Car rental is for 24 hours so you can use the car for whatever you like while not on shift (as long as you stay within Quebec)
  • $35 of gas reimbursed
  • $15 of snacks reimbursed for Driver & Shotgun (total)
  • $5 of snacks reimbursed for Dispatcher.
  • Meet new people and have a good time!

DriveSafe is currently recruiting new volunteers for Fall 2019 semester! Please fill out this application if you’re interested: https://forms.gle/7fvLBqRiJfyAo8Yq7. If you have any further questions please email volunteers.drivesafe@ssmu.ca