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SSMU DriveSafe

(514) 398-8040

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using our service

Yes, DriveSafe is a free service for McGill students!
You don't have to be drunk to call DriveSafe! You can be sober, too tired to walk home, worried about getting home safely late at night, not a fan of the snow, etc. Whatever the reason, we can drive you as long as it's for the purpose of taking you home!
No, unfortunately we do not operate over the winter or summer break :(
Yes! We usually transition to an initiative called Safehome which has modified operation hours and distance boundaries which change from semester to semester depending on volunteer availability (so stay tuned for updates on our social media pages each semester). Safehome is when our volunteers are stationed with Walksafe at the McLennan Library and only pick up students from the Downtown campus area and drive them home within the modified boundaries.
No, you cannot unfortunately. It is a first-come first-serve system only. You must call the day of and within our hours operation. Tip: Try to call about 15-20 minutes before you would like a ride home! Or you can also call around 11:30 pm to ask the dispatcher how busy it is that evening and ask for estimated wait times to get an idea of when to call back later if you plan on leaving later!
Please do not rely on DriveSafe to get home. We try our best, but it may be a busy night or we may have to cancel operations if conditions are unsafe for our volunteers.
You can fill out our ride request google form! Filling it out does not guarantee you a ride though! You must wait up to 15 minutes for confirmation from our dispatcher. If you do not get a text, that means a car is not coming for you and so you may try filling out the form again. Only fill out the form during hours of operation. We will not reply if you fill it out when we are not operational. It is also first-come first-serve.
They are an equally spectacular service, but alas, we are two separate services. We drive people. They walk people. You can check out the WalkSafe website or visit the WalkSafe Facebook page.

Volunteering with us

We recruit new volunteers at the beginning of each school semester (both Fall and Winter) so stay tuned on our social media accounts/website during the first two weeks of a new semester to find our application form and other instructions!
Nope! We rent cars for you through our contract with Enterprise! You just have to go to the Enterprise location on Guy street (near Guy-Concordia metro station) and pick up and return the car!
Not only does being a volunteer come with tons of perks, but you get to be a part of an amazing team of students that help bring McGill students home safely. Check out our Volunteers page to learn all about the perks to being a volunteer with DriveSafe.
We accept Ontario G2 licenses and the Quebec probationary license. We do NOT accept the BC N license and do not accept the QC learner's license. If you can't volunteer with us as a driver, you can still volunteer with us as a shotgun or dispatcher and get perks!

Booking us