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Tiffany Leung


Program/Year: Law, 3L
Years on DriveSafe Team: Since 2018 – so just over 4 years now!
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: That one time I ran over the little island between the bike lane and the actual road lol my shotgun and I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the shift (I promise I’m not a reckless driver HAHA).
Random Fun Fact: I can write backwards!




Program/Year: Med-3
Years on DriveSafe Team: 4 years!
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: Looking at all the city lights from the Mount Royal lookout with my co-volunteer while waiting for calls on a quiet night.
Random Fun Fact: I can make any baked goods gluten free!


Joshua Hirschfeld

VP Operations

Program/Year: Economics, U1
Years on DriveSafe Team: Since Fall 2022
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: Driving a passenger home with her pet snake. You never know what to expect on any given night, and that’s what keeps things fun and interesting for me!
Random Fun Fact: Despite the last name, I am very much Québécois (by way of my mother), and I take at least one day a week to visit my family that lives near Montréal.


Alice Dubois

VP Volunteers

Program/Year: Political Science, U2
Years on DriveSafe Team: Since Fall 2022!
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: eating wayyy too many sour patch kids with my shotgun and being so happy to see passengers vibe to our music (most of the time it’s french rap lol).
Random Fun Fact: my friends organize their nights out based off of my shifts so i can drive them home :)


Yasmeen Bouberaouat

VP Internal

Program/Year: U4 Psychology and Math
Years on DriveSafe Team: It’s been 2 years already!
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: My first ever shift, where I became besties with the driver in those four hours (and all the karaoke, hit me up for the dopest playlist).
Random Fun Fact: I put ketchup on my pizza…you should try it!


Muhammad Shahzad

VP External

Program/Year: U2 Honours Immunology
Years on DriveSafe Team: 1 year
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: Vibing with my shotgun on the way to Macdonald campus.
Random Fun Fact: I’ve driven from Canada to Florida and back!


Lisa Matsugu

VP Finance

Program/Year: U3 Music Education
Years on DriveSafe Team: 8 months
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: Carpool Karaoke with the passengers and driver.
Random Fun Fact: I play ultimate frisbee (hmu if you want to casually throw sometime!).


Alyson Jiang

VP Communications

Program/Year: MSc2 Pharmacology
Years on DriveSafe Team: Since 2019!
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: When everyone we picked up that evening was so fun and easy to talk to that it felt like such a short ride to Mac Campus!
Random Fun Fact: I’ve had the same pair of crocs since 2008….green with mickey mouse holes!!