Executive Team

Your DriveSafe Executives for the 2017-2018 Year:



Name: Sophie Forest
Program: U3 finance
Position: President
Favourite Car: Mini Coope
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: Getting to know new people on the team and see them go from volunteers to execs. Also fat ass raccoons on Mont Royal.









Name: Simon Hua
Program: MSc Neuroscience
Position: VP Finance
Favourite Car: Ice Cream Truck
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: Indulging in Caitlin’s homemade foods that receive savagery ratings from Jeremy while hearing how Qudsia wants to decorate our office again and listening to Sophie using more of my budget for family nights during exec meetings! <3







Name: Erin Kim
Program: Microbiology & Immunology with minor in World Religions, U2
Position: VP Volunteers
Favorite Car: The sports car Ross bought but couldn’t get out of the parking space in Friends
Favorite DriveSafe Memory: I had one shift where neither the driver nor any of our passengers wanted timbits, so I ended up eating an entire 50 count timbit box all by my lonesome







Name: Felix Roberge
Program: Business statistics U2
Position: VP communications
Favorite Car: BMW M3
Favorite DriveSafe Memory: When Megha Rahi and I did a shift and only listened to 2000s pop throw backs.









Name: Kristie Nakamura
Program: Nursing U2
Position: VP Internal
Favourite Car: Audi
Favourite DriveSafe Memory: Meeting Raymond Diamonds at the drive safe potluck and getting him to drive me to Costco every shift we do together










Name: Bastien de Cenival
Program: Information Systems/ Strategy U3
Position: VP External
Favorite Car: BMW Z3
Favorite DriveSafe Memory: Having the car to go skiing before a shift with Antoine






Name: Antoine Chagnon
Program: Management U3, major in information Systems and Strategy
Favorite Car: Porsche 918 (because of the environment)
Favorite DriveSafe Memory: That one time I was controlled twice by the police in less than 20 min (driving Discount’s huge Chevy Tahoe type SUV) because the car’s ID plate didn’t exist in their records.

And here’s to a fabulous year!