Executive Team

Your DriveSafe Executives for the 2019-2020 Year:

Name: Charles Choi, originally from Richmond Hill

Position: President

Program: Canadian Studies & History with minor in Political Science, U2

Favorite Car: Star Sirius 4 Passenger Burgundy

Favorite Drive: I’ll show you when we shift together

Favorite DriveSafe Memory: Carpool Karaoke with Christiane-Marie and Alexa

Name: Lindsay Burns

Position: VP Volunteers

Program: MSc 2 Microbiology & Immunology

Originally from Elora, Ontario

Favorite Car: Jeep TJ

Favorite Drive: around the mansions in Westmount

Favorite DriveSafe Memory: Getting nugget for the car with Dalya and then spilling the sweet&sour sauce everywhere

Name: Alexa Brody

Position: VP Communications

Program: Nutrition concentration in global nutrition, U3

Originally Westchester, New York

Favorite Car: Toddler convertible car; I always wanted and never got it :(

Favorite Drive: Up Mont-Royal at night

Favorite DriveSafe Memory: Pulling up to pick people up playing the six flags theme song

Name: Rohit Garudadri

Position: VP Finance

Program: Computer Science & Biology Major, U3

Born in India, raised in small town Sault Ste Marie

Dream car: McLaren P1 Volcano orange

Favourite drive: Mac Campus because highway drives are the best drives

Favourite DriveSafe memory: Meeting really great people through DriveSafe!

Name: Christiane-Marie Cantwell

Position: VP Operations

Year & Major: U2 Classics and Linguistics Major

Originally from Montréal

Dream car: A vespa with a sidecar

Favourite drive: The drive through Westmount in ndg, cote st luc towards the orange julep on décarie

Favourite DriveSafe memory: Charles bringing his microphone to shift, and letting me go HAM with it

Name: Sean Harrop

Position: VP External

Year & Major: Kinesiology

Originally from Alberta

Dream car: 1965 Ford Mustang GT

Favourite drive: Icefields Parkway (Highway 93)

Favourite DriveSafe memory: Driving Charles and all of his friends home from a wild night out

Name: Victoria Hum

Position: VP Internal

Year & Major: U2, Industrial & Labour Relations major, minor in Communications

Originally from Montreal

Dream car: Tesla Model X

Favourite drive: Route 1A in Maine

Favourite DriveSafe memory: Getting passengers to sing along with my shotgun and I !

And here’s to a fabulous year!