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SSMU DriveSafe

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Your DriveSafe executives for the 2017-2018 year:Quds


Name: Qudsia Saadat
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Position: President
Favourite Car: Caribbean Aqua Mini Cooper Convertible
Favourite DS memory: That quiet night we drove in circles around Upper Rez offering to drive students up and down the hill.






Name: Jeremy “Jerome” Zuo
Position: VP Volunteers
Favourite Car: When Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley
Favourite DS Memory: One exceptionally cold night I tried to help a woman who was quite under the influence of some substance and she punched me in the face for it.





Name: Sophie Forest
Hometown: Montreal and Boston
Position: VP Logistics
Favourite Car: Seafoam Green Mini Cooper
Favourite DS memory: Meeting new people I’d never meet and going to see the FAT raccoons at the Mount Royal Observatory.





Name: Théo de Luze
Hometown: Paris
Position: VP Communication
Favourite Car: Daddy’s
Favourite DS memory: Getting to share my music tastes with unknown McGill students !!






Name: Caitlin Bazylykut
Hometown: Sudbury, ON
Position: VP Operations
Favourite Car: Mercedes Benz G class
Why I can’t get enough of DriveSafe: coolest volunteers around + you get to help people get home safe
Favourite DS memory: A passenger dropping timbits on the floor but eating them anyways (what even is the 5 second rule??)






Name: Simon Hua
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Position: VP Finance
Favourite Car: Ice Cream Truck
Favourite DS memory: Being on shift with Ashley :)




Also a huge shout out to our Promotion Team for helping us to spread the word about our services to the McGill Campus.

DS Promo Team-9

From Left: Emma, Mihai, Antoine, and Felix